Monday, 18 March 2013

How to grow taller, Shoe lifts a option not many people know about!

Something that not many people know about maybe (i think anyway) is that they are hidden away out of sight and out of mind and not many talk about them. What I am talking about is shoe lifts. A pair of these height increasing insoles can make the difference between average in height to being tall or being small to getting that extra height that will make you average in height.

Well, let me break the silence about shoe lifts and tell you a bit more about them. Shoe lifts with originally made for people for leg length discrepancy's and called heel lifts, but since shoe/heel lifts where first invented they have adopted a new purpose "height increase"!

The design of one of these height increasing insoles can differ entirely depending on your preference and what you would like them to support or how much height you want. You can buy either half insoles or full insoles.
Usually the full insoles cannot be adjusted in height but offer the best levels of arch support and comfort.... they tend to be also made from foam and span the whole foot often which arch support's built into them as well. Half insoles however just cover the heel part of your foot and can be adjusted in height. Half insoles because they are only supporting the heel of the foot offer a bit less support. Many prefer to buy the half insoles because of the option to adjust there height something of which you can utilize if you want to gradually mimicking human growth so people do not start to wonder and ask questions about how you where able to grow 3 inches over night. That right height increasing insoles make it possible to increase your height by as much as 3 inches! You are able to increase your height further with the stack system that is used in many adjustable shoe lifts but over 3 inches isn't advised as it may start to position you foot in a uncomfortable and unnatural position which may damage your foot. Shoe lifts have built in arch support and orthotics that means increasing your height by as much as 3 inches is safe and comfortable.
"Orthotic insoles are used by many worldwide to make uncomfortable shoes more comfortable and to help prevent foot cramps and discomfort."
Shoe lifts adapt the same fundamental principles and design features that orthotics do such as shock cushioning capabilities  the ability to spread the pressure that may build up on a certain point on your foot evenly so not to cause damage long term and short term.
The tapered design and arch supports (some half insoles may also have this built in as well) found in full insoles also help to support your foot in its natural position. This can deter and prevent the onset of such problems as plantar fasciitis a painful foot problem.

Okay so I have explained to you the design and how shoe lifts actually work so now it is time to tell you how exactly these height increasing insoles are a better solution over other methods such as height exercises. Im not saying that height exercise shouldn't be done but i am saying if you want fast and effective height increase shoe lifts is your best bet and height stretching exercises should be done fi you want to be more healthy, and have better posture which will help you increase your height but at a slower pace.
There are few and far between methods for height increase especially if you are at a age where you have stopped growing.
Height exercise can be done on regular basis to strengthen the muscles that support your spine and to also improve you posture...
Better posture and the ability to support your neck and body better will mean the effect gravity has on you will be decreased. Gravity is always pushing down on us and in effect will actually decompress our spines.

"This is why we are taller whilst we are sleeping than when we are going about our daily lives..."

There are quite a few stretching exercises to help improve your posture including stretches and yoga plus sports that involve alot of stretching like swimming and even basketball can also help you. But remeber you must constantly keep them up.. stopping may result in you falling back to you old bad posture and you muscles weakening again. Results can take a long time to start to show and all depends on how good your posture is when you start...
Wearing shoe lifts requires no effort and maintenance, that is partly why people wear them.
For the best possible height increase you may find that combining shoe lifts and doing height and stretching exercises will yeild the best results.

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