Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pinhole glasses how you can improve your eye sight

In my last post I explained the different parts of the eye now however i will be explaining how you can improve your eyesight using pinhole glasses. Pinhole glasses are now being used more than ever by people who are wanting to improve there eye sight.
As you get older your eye sight may get worse this is because this can be due to a number of different things a common cause could be the weakening of the muscles in your eyes that manages focus and makes you see clearer also exposure to UV light can over time damage your eyesight.

The problem of your muscles in your eye weakening however can be solved or even prevented. This is because you can wear pinhole glasses that will actually strengthen the muscles in your eyes by training your eyes for around 15 minutes a day by reading a book or watching TV whilst wearing the pinhole glasses you will find that you will not only strengthen and prevent your eye muscles weakening but also they will be stronger and you will in fact get better eyesight.

A added bonus to this as well is that your eye muscles will be faster to react as well to harmful sudden changes in brightness that could lead to the damaging of your eyes. Faster reaction times and the muscles making appropriate alterations to their shape will mean you will be better protected.

The cost of buying a pair of pinhole glasses is that much really and they can really make a difference to your eye sight if you make sure you keep on wearing them each day for only a little amount of time.

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