Friday, 16 May 2014

A healthy education at a young age is important

I find that this is really important especially in today's world where fast food and sugar is becoming a big problem! Being educated at a young age on what foods to eat and the importance (in a non boring way) of being healthy and having a active lifestyle is very important for future life. Many diseases that you can get in later life can be caused by a unhealthy lifestyle in early life for example osteoporosis. Osteoporosis that effects the bone can be avoided if in early life a child has a healthy diet with plenty of calcium and minerals as well as plenty of vitamin d that helps the body absorb calcium. Calcium is very important for healthy bone development and density... also what foods you eat has a impact on the acidity in your stomach eating to acidic foods can mean that the body uses mineral reserves found in your bones to re-balance the acids in your stomach.... but we need these minerals though in our bones! Obviously at a young age, children will not be able to understand the full importance but what we must do is educate them on eating and being healthy.

It can be tricky as the tv is full of fast food adverts and children may think its "uncool" to eat unhealthy... that is why you must take an approach that is not force feeding them but a more subtle approach.

Parents have a great influence on a childs diet... children will tend to copy what there parents do so if a parent is eating junk food then the child is more likely to think that it is okay aswell.

A more in depth article about this will be published so stay tuned for now!

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