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About plantar fasciitis and how to prevent it

The phrase prevention's cheaper than the cure has never been so true for something like Plantar fasciitis. It is a wide spread problem that affects more people than you may think according to some research that has been carried out recently as much as 1% of individuals will suffer from this medical condition that can easily be avoided. Plantarr fasciitis is caused by a inflammation of the Plantar fascia. One of the most common reasons for people getting this condition is due to them wearing poorly fitted shoes.
This is because poorly fitted shoes tend to damage the fragile plantar fascia which is membrane spans the heel bone all the way to your base of your toes. A common symptom of having plantar facitiis is heel pain. Yet another reason why people get plantar fasciitis is that people do not wear the right insoles that have arch supports fitted. If you think about it the natural shape of the bottom of your feet is not flat yet many shoes come with regular flat insoles fitted inside them. You wouldn't think this is much of a problem  but over long term use of flat insole shoes like this the problems can start to develop because if you just remember that your feet must support your entire body weight when you stand or walk plus in addition to this you are constantly under the added pressure of gravity which is pushing down on you and that arch on your foot. Over time this arch if not supported in the correct natural position can weaken and that when inflammation and plantar fasciitis can develop.
Another side effect of plantar fasciitis apart from foot pain is heel spurs. Heel spurs is actually when a small  spur forms around about where your Plantar fascia joins your heel bone. This is because more support is needed and that is why this outgrowth forms.

If you are a active sports person who regularly runs , but does not do adequate stretches which involves stretching the plantar fascia then you may also find that you could also develop this foot problem also.
This is because like all muscles and ligaments you must stretch them first to ensure that you do not a pull the muscle.

Previously I mentioned how the arch of your foot must support your entire body weight, being obese will mean there is a added pressure to this arch.

Did i mention that the materials that these types of insoles are made from also contain shock absorbing quality's? I didn't  Well i will mention it now then. When you walk you are constantly putting pressure and force on your feet... when you walk, run or jump when your feet hit the ground you will feel a sudden jolt or shock to your feet. This shock can be fundamentally damaging as over time if your feet are succumbed to this on a regular basis it can weaken and damage the ligaments and tissues in your foot. Orthotic insoles and plantar fasciitis insoles however act as a shock absorb-er and will absorb the pressure and shock's that your feet may go through on a regular basis and it will also spread the pressure (usually caused by gravity and body weight  which may build up on certain parts of your foot such as the heel evenly though out your foot so this damaging pressure does not build up in one place.

You can buy extra supportive insoles for plantar fasciitis that will support your feet in the correct arched position remember that buying unsupported  flat or even insoles that have been made out of the wrong materials that are either far to hard or even too soft may result in a bio-mechanical imbalance this is why it is important to buy a pair of insoles that are either made out of gel, foam or rubber this is because these materials offer firm support but also slightly molds to the actual shape of your heel as well thus adapting your own unique heel and foot shape.

It is ever so more important to consider buying a pair of plantar fasciitis insoles or orthotic insoles as you get older as with age the plantar fascia weakens and can be more easily damaged.
But that said it is also a good idea to buy some whilst you are still young as well in a effort to strengthen the plantar fascia and make sure you prevent any long term damage to it as well.

Okay, the prices of custom plantar fasciitis insoles or orthotic insoles can be quite expensive as they have to be tailored made and measured and molded according to your actual foot shape, you can though opt to buy standard ones that can come in many different shoe sizes and shapes and if you search you have got a very good chance of finding a pair which fits correctly, this is a lot cheaper than buying custom made insoles as these ones tend to cost no more than  £10. The affordability of the insoles doesn't mean that they compromise of protection or support either however you wont be getting arch support that fits exactly to you own foot arch the support is very good.

After you have bought a pair of these insoles you may find a huge difference in how comfortable your shoes will feel. This is because orthotic insoles and plantar fasciitis insoles provide the best comfort because of the support they give something that regular insoles do not.
Also you may find that you will be able to wear shoes that may have been uncomfortable before and that you can now wear them all day with no discomfort whatsoever.

If this article has now convinced you to invest in some orthotic or plantar fasciitis insoles then you have made the right choice and they are actually available online. You can also get specialized insoles for sport and running that are designed primarily for running and sports as well. It always best too buy some that match your actual shoe size and are not to big or too small because this may create problems for yourself.

As i mentioned at the beginning it is always best to find a solution before you actually develop this condition.
I do hope that i have covered any questions that you maybe having about plantar fasciitis if not please drop a comment below... You can also drop a comment if you have got any feedback on orthotic insoles and plantar fasciitis insoles and if they helped you or not and if you recommend buying them...

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