Monday, 18 March 2013

Orthotic insoles to protect your feet from foot pain

Orthotic insoles, Used by many as a means of protecting their feet from otherwise harmful shocks and pressure that can simply be inflicted upon the sole and heel of the foot. Orthotic insoles help to protect your foot by means of cushioning the heel and absorbing shock when needed not only that but orthotic insoles also provide stable support for the arch of the foot with arch supports. If you arch or plantar fascia is not correctly positioned or supported over time this may lead to damage and even may cause plantar faciitis, that is why it is important that people should leave their regular insoles behind and instead swap them for some orthotic insoles that have the correct arch support system built in them.

One of the reason why your arch of you foot may sustain damage is that gravity is constantly pushing down on the arch of your foot plus over time the muscles and ligaments that naturally support the arch may weaken as you get older thus artificial support is needed.

Did you know that you may also get orthotic insoles that have been specially designed for sport's and running? These wouldn't you have guess are called sport and running insoles. They adopt the same basic design and functionality as orthotics do but they are also have been designed and made from materials that can properly and will offer support even when playing sports and running where the level of shocks your feet go through is greatly increased.

The shock absorbing properties of orthotics means that when you walk and the materials that the insoles have been made out of (usually foam or silicone gel) will react to the shock and will spread the pressure and energy from the shock and distribute it evenly through out the sole and heel of your foot to minimize damage.

For people already suffering form foot pain orthotics are a good way to ease the pain, and also for people who are wanting to avoid and prevent such problems from occurring either now or in later life orthotics will help to prevent unnecessary damage and shocks to your feet whilst walking, running...jumping and will also strengthen your feet's muscles and plantar fascia meaning in later life you have a lesser chance of developing foot problems associated with older age for example plantar fasciitis is one of them.

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