Friday, 22 March 2013

Proteins and amino acids to grow and repair your body

To repair and grow your cells your body needs amino acids that are usually found within foods that contain protein.
Protein is made up of chains of amino acids.
Foods that contain the most amino acid types include eggs, fish and also milk they also contain amino acids that are not made naturally in our body's so as you can quite rightly see it is crucial to eat those types of foods.

"Something you should be aware of and many don't not know is that if you mix foods that are healthy and rich in protein with warm water or liquid it can actually change the protein structure and loos the health benefits from eating it."

This was just a brief post telling you all about amino acids and proteins.

For an explanation that goes abit deeper into amino acids plus suggestions of foods rich in protein and amino acids you can find more information that can be very useful on this article - more foods which you can eat to stay healthier

On a side note it is also important to understand that your body doesnt just need protein and amino acids but it also needs other nutrients and vitamins as well if you are wanting to be healthy.

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