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Calcium information

Patient knowledge: in order to build strong bones, it is important to get enough calcium, whether through diet or as a dietary supplement.

Some of the most important building blocks of bone tissue is calcium and phosphate. In fact, 99% of total body calcium is in our bones and teeth.

When bone tissue is broken down and rebuilt a little every day, it is important that your diet contains enough calcium to that reconstruction can take place.

You can get calcium through diet, from dietary supplements and from medicine. The calcium we obtain through diet, comes predominantly from dairy products, e.g. milk, yoghurt and cheese. In a liter of milk, there are for example ca. 1200 mg calcium.

Vitamin D increases calcium uptake in bone tissue
In addition to calcium, it is also important that your diet is rich in vitamin d. Vitamin D is a "door opener" for the calcium, which makes it possible for the calcium you eat that to go from the gut into the bloodstream and on into bone tissue.

You make vitamin D when the Sun's rays hit your skin. Read more about vitamin D.

Calcium Supplements
You can get calcium supplements in many variants. Most also contain vitamin d. Calcium supplements are available as tablets, chewable tablets, effervescent and effervescent granules, so there is ample opportunity to find a product that suits you.

Calcium supplements are absorbed best when you take it at the same time, with a meal.

Which calcium tabletsshould you choose?
There are many different calcium tablets, and therefore it may be difficult to know which one to choose and is best for you individually.

Here are some hints:
Select a dietary supplement which contains both calcium and vitamin D.
Select a product that has been tested for absorb-ability of calcium in the body. Ask the staff at the pharmacy to list calcium tablets and absorbability of them.
Select a dietary supplement containing 400-500 mg calcium per tablet, so that should not be taken too many tablets per day.
Please note that:
In order to increase bioavailability, you should, if possible, share the intake of calcium contribution over two daily doses.
Calcium and iron supplements (also in multi vitaminpiller) may cancel each other's effect, if taken at the same time.
Calcium supplements can cause constipation. Ask your doctor.

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