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Healthy food you should eat and why it is good for you

Important knowledge about 22 healthy foods and supplements
Kiwi against infections, salmon against arthritis, nuts against bladder stones-with the right diet, you can save many trips to the doctor. So eat well – it is the purest form of medicine!

"Your food is your medicine!" That was it from the Greek doctor Hippocrates ca. 400 BC. In our days, the French health Apostle Jean-Pierre Cousin gave us appetite for health with this statement: "You can use food to both prevent and cure diseases-without side effects."

"More than half of all cancers could be avoided if we ate right," says food expert Dr. Gisela Rauch-Petz from Munich. Well, so let us get started with eating right! Early summer has a variety of fresh healthy summer food for you to eat. Here you will find the experts ' overview of the 22 healthiest foods, if bio-substances can relieve problems or prevent diseases. You can reduce your risk of health problems significantly just by keeping yourself to these general advice:

Eat plenty of fresh fruit (300 g per day), vegetables (350 g per day) and whole grains-fiber protector, for example. against bowel cancer.
Eat fatty fish instead of meat (at least 2 times per week)-Omega 3-fatty acids slows infections.
Eat regular meals, preferably five small meals a day.
Save on sugar! It lowers the production of the hormone insulin, for example. can promote cancer.
If possible, buy food after the season and region-and preferably organic. This gives you the highest content of biologically active substances and the fewest pesticides.

FoodWhat's in it?Degestion-tips
PineappleVitamin C, digestive enzyme bromelain and citric acid. The mix boosts fat metabolism.Only raw fruit and fresh juice contains the useful substances. Select always ripe and sweet fragrant fruits.
AppleRich in pectin and flavonoids. Lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol mirror. Strengthens the heart. Prevents colon cancer.Wash thoroughly, and keep cool. Peeled apples (e.g. fruit salad) onto with lemon juice, so they do not become Brown.
BananaLarge amounts of magnesium, potassium and B vitamins. Relieves stress and gives prompt energy. Neutralizes stomach, when the yellow Peel have small brown spots. Taste good raw, in Curry dishes or baked as dessert.
BlueberryLarge amounts of vitamin C. Antocyaniner protects against cancer, inflammation and infections. Flavonoids improves blood flow.Good as an accompaniment to game dishes. Boil them easily-so they all retain their healthy ingredients.
KiwiA pure vitamin C-bomb. Prevent infections. Enzymes promotes the production of fat-burning hormones. Stops the craving for sweets.To stop bitter taste you need to use them together with dairy products (e.g. ice)-otherwise they have a bitter taste.
BroccoliLarge amounts of vitamin C, beta carotene and zinc. Contains a total of several cancer preventive substances than the average.Remove bluish or yellow spots before cooking. Avoid cooking broccoli for too long-so goes the ingredients for lost.
CarrotsBeta-carotene, vitamins A, C and E vitamin. Promotes the vision, reduces the risk of cancer. Keeping the mucous membranes healthy.Tastes excellent raw, as juice, put into salad, as accessories and as a base for soup or sauce. A true all-around vegetable!
PotatoesA potassium-bomb. Flushes excess water out of the body, strengthens cells and muscles. Relieves abdominal abscesses.Especially healthy.
Pepper FruitA really good combination of antioxidants (vitamin C and E and beta-carotene) to fight against free radicals. Can reduce the risk of cancer.Select peppers with a smooth, glistening Peel. Inserts the first out shortly before serving, so it is fresh and "snaps" when eating it.
Beet RootMuch iron, copper, and folic acid. Thus promotes the formation of blood cells. Manganese support the liver's detoxification function.Served raw (as finely grated salad) or cooked (as an accompaniment or as soup).
TomatoLots of lycopene, a highly effective antioxidant, which according to trial can reduce the risk of cancer (particularly prostate cancer)Especially healthy in organic form. Steam tomatoes shortly so that the lycopene better absorbed in the body.
OnionSulphur compounds and B-vitamins. Lowers high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Strengthens the immune system.Raw or fresh chopped onions are the healthiest. The recommended amount is a half onion per day.
GarlicMain active substance is allicin (a sulphurous oil). Lowers cholesterol mirror and blood pressure. Protects the blood vessels. Antibacterial effect.Only fresh garlic contains the important substances. Keep cool. By bad odor: chew parsley and coffee beans.
LentilsIron regulates the formation of blood cells. Potassium regulates blood pressure. Many fibre fabrics is helping to keep blood glucose the mirror constantly – ideal for diabetics.soak overnight (though not red lentils). Spices such as fennel and Dill to prevent bloating.
ParsleySupports kidney function. Rich in vitamin C and carotene. These antioxidants reduce the risk of infarction and heart attacks.Washed and kept cool. Chopped first by serving to preserve flavor and nutrients. For sauces, soups and salads.
Oat flakesB-vitamins calms the nervous system. Polyunsaturated fatty acids lowers cholesterol mirror. Regulates the thyroid gland.Keep cool, dark and airtight. During the relatively short period of time. Tastes delicious as muesli or porridge.
RiceRich in nutrients. Lowers blood pressure. Prevent heart disease and diabetes. Important source of vitamin B1.Prepared in the Asian way: Boil the rice and let it pull. Mix saffron in, and add the toasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds
NutsA high vitamin B content calms the nervous system. Walnuts lowers cholesterol levels, hazelnuts counteracts bladder stones.Nut kernels give Salad, rice, chicken and dessert a sweetish taste. Must not be heated too much, since they easily burn.

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