Monday, 6 May 2013


Additives are something you added to the food, to the fx. taste of more, get a different color or keep it longer.
On the item should read what additives it contains.
You can often know the additives that they are called something with E and a number. E.g. is E104 a yellow dye.
E means that there are common rules across the EU for how we should use the drug. If you read the list of ingredients on items such as snacks, sodas and candy, you'll see that they often contain many E numbers.

The manufacturer does not have to write E-number, but can instead write the name of the substance. E.g.  instead of E104.

You can also add flavor to give more flavor. If a food contains aroma, it should read aroma in the list of ingredients or a name on the flavour. A example is a flavoring which causes the food to taste of vanilla. Flavorings do not have E-numbers.

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