Monday, 6 May 2013

are you washing the kitchen surface with bacteria?

Many bacteria can sit in a dishcloth. Each time it dries the table of may get bacteria on the cloth.
Only use the sink to wash and wipe tables, stove etc from with meat juices and food residues., which is spilled on the kitchen table, should be wiped up with a paper towel and not with the sink. The sink should not be used as tea towel.
Bacterial Bomb
The sink can easily develop into a pure bacterial bomb, if the boats are used to dry food residues, clean the sink or dry the floor, and if it is used in several days. The sink is almost always damp and is located in the kitchen, where the temperature is around 20 ° c. It gives bacteria good growing conditions.
The sink must be rinsed in clean, warm water after use and hung to dry. It will need to be replaced often – at least every day. Dish cloths should be washed at least 60 ° c for being clean. Tea towels and towels should also be changed often and washed in the same manner as the sink.

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