Monday, 6 May 2013

Bacteria in food

Good hygiene in the kitchen is important if you do not want to be sick from the food.
We eat in order to be filled, for keeping us healthy and fresh and for pleasure. Food should preferably be something we enjoy. That is why we must not always go and bear in mind that there may be bacteria in the food that can make us sick. It is all about learning how the raw materials and the finished food should be dealt with in the kitchen.

Three tricks that works:

Fortunately, there are some things you can even can do to avoid getting sick from food. There are three tricks that works:
Warm the hot food properly through (at least 75 degrees)
Chilled food in a refrigerator at a maximum of 5 degrees
Keep raw foods separate from food that is finished and ready to eat. So you do not spread the bacteria and virus
When you can get sick of food is due to the fact that there may be disease-bacteria such as salmonella in the food, but it is not at all the bacteria, you can get sick of. Many bacteria in food can be useful for you.

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