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Bacteria, meat and how to store meat and cook properly

In Enlgand we eat most meat from pigs and cows and something from calves and lamb.
Fresh pieces of meat have a bright red color and smells fresh. If the surface of the meat is slimy, it is not fresh. Usually, there are only a few bacteria on the surface of the meat.
When animals are being slaughtered, and when the meat is cut out, there may be bacteria from animal skin or intestines in the flesh. There may also be bacteria from e.g. knives or from people, when the meat will be cut out. Therefore fit butchers also that there is clean and so few bacteria as possible, when they cut the meat out and packages it.

Meat must be in a refrigerator or freezer
The bacteria that is in meat, can be both spoilage bacteria and pathogenic bacteria.
The meat must be kept cold, so bacteria cannot grow. This applies both at the slaughterhouse, in business and at home. When there is less than 5 degrees, as in a refrigerator or in a freezer, the bacteria find it difficult to grow.
Wrap meat well into
The meat should always be packed snuggly or lying in a dish, so that cannot drain away meat juices on other foods.

Most bacteria in minced meat
There may be bacteria in the surface of the meat. So when the meat is cut into small pieces or chopped, the bacteria spread from the surface and out throughout the meat. Therefore, minced meat, which among other things uses for/beefburgers and meat sauce, not keep it fresh in just as long as large pieces of meat, such as a pork roast.
Through FRY minced meat, meat in cubes and strips
When you cook meat, it heats up. It can either be boiled or fried. Minced meat or meat in small strips, must always be completely done or cooked, because there are more bacteria than in the meat into large pieces.
You can see if the meat is done or thoroughly cooked by letter in the flesh and have a look at meats juice. It must be quite clear. If the still is red or pink, the meat is not done. You can also see it when you cut into the flesh. If it is red or pink on the inside, it's not over cooked or done.
Whole pieces of meat such as roast pork or beef roast need not be completely done. It may be red or pink in the middle.
Remember to wash or change your cutting board and knife
When you cook with meat, you must always make sure that there is clean in the kitchen, and that you only use the knife, cutting board or whatever you are using to the flesh. If you need to make salad or anything else, you must wash the gear up before you use them again. Otherwise, you can spread the bacteria from one kind of food over to another.
You must also remember to throw it plastic or packaging, the meat has been wrapped in, in the trash immediately. If you put it on the kitchen table, you can spread the bacteria.

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