Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Being more active at work

Sedentary work in an Office, often in front of a computer — this is the working day for a great number Brit's today. Are you one of them, you can get some small tips to get some physical activity into the course of the day.
Just a bit of extra activity during the working day helps to keep the body active and the burning started.

To the right you can download a schema with activity suggestions, just to print out and hang up at your desk. The individual activities will only take a few minutes and can be performed by anyone.

At the desk
It is important to vary its working position during the day, both by sit differently on the Chair, but also very much like to know to stand up or sit on a large ball. On the way are a burden on you different muscles in the body and you put the burning up. If you stand up and talking on the phone 30 Burns you almost twice as much energy as if you're sitting down.

It is also a good idea to regularly stretch the body through and straighter the back. It helps to avoid tensions and contributes to the well-being of the body. Danish Company sport federations offer that you can get an email every day with some simple exercises that you can perform in just a few minutes at the Office.
The little things
During the work date you can exploit small opportunities to be physically active. Get coffee on the floor above instead of at the nearest coffee maker – and take the stairs up and down. Go and talk to your colleague instead of sending an email. Or send your print to the remote printer, so there is a little further to go to download it.

If you take the elevator up and down three floors will burn you 3 kJ, but if you take the stairs up to his colleague at 3. floor Burns you 45 kJ. It may not sound like much, but it adds to the overall picture.
Active meetings and breaks
Some meetings might as well be standing or walking. Standing at a café table, it is possible to study the papers and take notes. If in just a couple of pieces that need to keep meeting, walk-and-talk can be a good solution. Go for a little walk in the area while in the talks – the fresh air and the changed surroundings can also help to give some different and new ideas and solutions.

You can also take advantage of the lunch break for a little walk. Take a quick tour of 10-15 minutes and then use the rest of the break to eat. A coffee break can also be an opportunity to get fresh air by going a little stroll around the building.

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