Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Being more active gives you more energy

It may be tempting to relax in front of the television after a hard days work at the office, but you'll notice that physical activity can give you more energy in everyday life – and do relaxing in front of the TV even better afterwards.
Active leisure includes both physical activity of moderate and high intensity. It's everyday activities such as cleaning and gardening – and exercise activities where you get sweat on the forehead and gets really out of breath.
The body is happy for the ' boring tasks '
Cleaning, shopping, cooking, clothes washing and gardening are everyday chores, which perhaps may seem tedious and time consuming, but they also contribute all with physical activity. If you go to the supermarket, buy into, goes home and cooks have you burned more energy than if you call for a pizza – and you have the opportunity to eat a healthier meal.

If you do clean or working in the garden an hour you've already burned 1250 kJ, which is equivalent to the energy of a Snickers bar or 10 carrots. Think of the housework as a good opportunity to get movement into the everyday life – so it goes a little easier.
Air dog, children or friends
Exercise is the physical activity that is planned and more consciously aims to improve aerobic fitness and keep the body healthy.

A walk in the brisk pace is good exercise. Take the dog, the kids, her boyfriend or friends with – it is also a good opportunity to see new sides of the local area.

Many municipalities have also marked bike routes passing through the municipality's green areas. A jog, a football game with friends or a ride on roller skates are other examples of easily accessible and free motion.
Try something new
Soccer, handball, badminton and swimming are all good and classic exercise forms. But it's not just you, you can try to find a new and different sports, which better suited just for you.

What about playing floorball, or American football, mountain biking, grow crossfitt, play squash or dance the Brazilian martial dance (carpoira)? There are a myriad of sports, clubs and teams around in England. In most places you can get to a trial lesson or two before you join in. Search on the net, look in the local newspaper or evening class catalogs and chat with your friends.

It might be a good idea to hook up with a friend, girlfriend, husband or family member, then you two about to try something new and we can help each other to get off. At the same time, a new exercise form will also be an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

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