Monday, 6 May 2013


Campylobacter is the food bacterium, which makes most people sick in England and in many other countries.
In 2008 we spoke up against 3,500 sick of campylobacter in England. But in fact, the figure is probably 10-20 times higher because many do not go to the doctor.
Most become ill in the summer, because it often fails with hygiene, when we are grilling outside. There is also much more campylobacter in poultry meat in the summer.
The insidious by campylobacter is that there must be very few bacteria to get sick. A few drops of meat juices from raw meat is enough to give stomach pains and severe diarrhea. But if you have a good hygiene when you cook, so you are not sick, even though there may be bacteria in the meat.
Campylobacter can typically be in poultry and other meats. There are especially many campylobacter in poultry meat in the summer.
What has gone wrong when one gets sick of campylobacter
Typically you will be sick, because there are bacteria from utensils or raw meat on salad and bread, which will not be warmed before you eat it. you can also get sick of food that are not cooked or fried enough.
There goes 2-10 days before you get sick. The illness lasts about 1 week, but one may be weakened for several weeks afterwards. The symptoms may be diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain and fever.

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