Monday, 6 May 2013

Disease Bacteria

Disease germs are more insidious than corrupting bacteria, because you cannot see or smell them. And they can make us very sick. Either they are in the food we eat, or know that they have formed toxins in the food.
You notice not with the same, if you've eaten disease bacteria. It may take from a few hours to several days before you get sick. Therefore, it can often be difficult to find out if it is bacteria  which is responsible for one has been sick.
The bacteria, which most people in England will be made sick from, are campylobacter and salmonella.
Campylobacter can be, among other things, in chickens.
Salmonella can be found in, among other things, eggs, chicken and pork.
There are also other bacteria that can make us ill – for example, staphylococci.
If you eat food with disease germs can you get upset stomach and nausea, and you can also throw up and get fever. Usually the disease goes over after some days.
If the disease becomes severe or lasts long, are you going to the doctor.

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