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Do you need motivation? here are some tips to be more active

Do you need motivation?
Sometimes it can be difficult to get up from the couch and be physically active. Maybe you're tired after a long day at work, it's raining outside or there is something exciting on television. Here are some tips that can motivate you to a more active everyday

It is easier to get out the door and running or cycling, if you have an appointment with a friend or girlfriend who waits down the corner. So you can help each other to keep the motivation up the days when the other does not bother.

You can also register for a running team, where a bigger bunch of people get together and move together. It may be easier to get out in the rain, if you're more together on it and on the way the exercise is also a social dimension.

If you train in a gym with a personal trainer or agreements can sign ups to team to help ensure that you get the place. It is more committed to abide by an agreement with other than when it is only an agreement with itself.

Set realistic goals
It may seem confusing to have to run a marathon, if you think it's hard to run 10 minutes. Therefore, make sure to set realistic goals. If you're just now can cycle half way to your work you may be able to set a goal that you each week going to ride a bus stop anymore. And if you can run 5-10 minutes, the goal may be 20 minutes or half an hour in a matter of months. It is better to put a little too small or easy targets, so that you quickly feel you have success and making progress. In order to avoid damage, it is also important not to go too quickly.

Put a plan and set your training in system
If you would like to be more physically active, it may be an advantage to first write down, when you move in the course of a week. Try to come up with ideas for when you can be more physically active, for example. by cycling in a good pace at work. Choose one or two ideas and decide on when or how to put them into life. If you would like to bike to work, you might start with three times a week and get your partner to deliver the children the mornings so you have a little more time for the ride.

On the net you can find many training programs, which indicates exactly how far, how much and how to practice every day. It can be a big help, because you so not need to consider whether you're exercising too little or too much in relation to the goals you have.

GPS and pedometer
Today you can get a lot of different equipment that can make training more fun and easier.

With a gps-clock or a gps in your mobile phone you can get of know how far and how fast, you have moved you. On the Web there are various options for uploading its gps data. So you can see his route, challenge others and keep an eye on its own progress.

A little simpler and cheaper is a pedometer that counts how many steps you go during the day. It is recommended that adults walking 10,000 steps a day. You can start a little competition in the family or at work of who goes most step on a week or a month.

Finally, there are several sites on the Web that offers that you can survey routes, so you know how far you ran, cycled or walked.

Music and audiobooks
Another way to make exercise fun, is to listen to music or audio books on an mp3 player while. You can use the tempo of the music to manage your training pace, whether you run or bike. On the net you can find programs to calculate the rhythm, but you can also experiment and see what you coach for.

At the library you can borrow audiobooks that you can listen to on an mp3 player while you are cycling to work. You can also download various radio programmes as podcasts from the Dr's website.

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