Monday, 6 May 2013

Energy and sugar

The body must use energy to keep it going, and it gets it through the food you eat.
When you have chewed and eaten your food, the body immediately starts turning it into energy  If the food was say an Apple or a banana it would be divided into a lot of small parts that the body can use.

in the body

A very large part of what you eat is used it as fuel. Just like a car uses petrol. In this way, one can well say that the body is a kind of machine. The more energy the body needs, the more fuel it must be filled in. And when you use the fuel to produce energy with, e.g. When you run or jump, so it is said that you burn energy.

Energy Combustion

If you sit quietly Burns you energy — your body needs energy to keep it all going. When you breathe, and when your heart beats, you will burn energy. But if you're physically active, you put additional time into your combustion. For when your muscles are working, they use energy.
Compared to when you lie down and zapper with remote control, burns you:
three times as much energy as you go
seven times as much energy when you run silent.
There are several advantages when you move much:
You are not as likely to become thick
Your body will be better able to tell you whether you're hungry or not
Many start to eat healthier when they begin to exercise.

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