Monday, 6 May 2013

Exercise for a more healthy life

When you exercise, you'll get bigger muscles. When you do more exercise will burn you more energy – and there will be more space for you to eat an extra piece of cake or drink a soda. Without exercise cakes and sweets turn into fat on your body.
You will feel better when you exercise.
It gives you a feeling of more energy.
You will be better able to concentrate in school.
Then you will better to control your body when you for example, bikes, climbing, dancing or doing other things, where you use your balance ability.

Exercise and friends
Exercise is also a way to be with your friends or your family. It can be both fun and comfortable to take on skateboard rink, at the bowling alley or in the swimming pool together. When you are inviting you, it doesn't have to mean two hours in front of the television with one and a half litres of coke and a bag of candy-the ticket to the swimming pool costs about the same as one and a half liters of cola.
Many think that it is most fun to exercise with others. See if you can find some exercise, you are glad – swimming, dance, fencing, or something completely seventh.

Cut down on time in front of the screen
When you are watching TV you'll hardly use your muscles. And the time you spend in front of the screen goes from the time you otherwise could use to move you in English children and young people spend an average of two hours a day watching television and playing computer games. Try reduce how much time you spend in front of the screen every day. If you spend more than an hour, it's a good idea to cut down. You can instead use the time to do something where you burn energy. For example, to practise sports, sing a song, dance or just go for a walk.

An hour a day to exercise
When you are under the age of 18, you should touch you at least an hour a day. It may sound like much, but really it's not more than you can handle by just organize your everyday life a little after it. Exercise need not consist of playing football or practice martial arts.

You can also:
Cycling to school every day instead of being driven.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Walking with the dog instead of letting your father do it.
If you previously did not have touched you in everyday life, you can lose you know just to begin to make the small everyday things. Even when you clean up your room, you are using energy.

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