Monday, 6 May 2013

Fruit Bacteria

Fruit is fresh when it is completely juicy and crispy.
There may be bacteria and fungi on fruits from soil and water and fertilizer. The bacteria is sitting outside on and can get the fruit to rot or moldy. It is corrupting bacteria.
Therefore, always rinse the fruit and cleaned or peeled off before you eat it. Tainted fruit must be discarded.
Citrus Fruits
Lemons, oranges, clementines and mandarins can be treated by that is sprayed some substances on the shell, to yeast and moulds not so good can grow.
Fruit must be kept cool-except bananas
Fruit sticks best, when it is kept cool. Oranges, strawberries and grapes, preferably in the refrigerator. Apples and pears can be stored outside the refrigerator, but they last longer if they are in the refrigerator.
Bananas should preferably not in the fridge. Bananas will be dark brown, when they are in the refrigerator.

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