Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Growing up in an active daily lifestyle is important

It is easier to learn healthy habits early in life. Therefore, make sure that your children are growing up in an active daily life with lots of movement and motion. It helps to keep them healthy and happy, improve their concentration in school and prevent a variety of diseases, when they become adults.
There are many opportunities to be physically active together with the children. Take advantage of the transport to and from school or institution by walking or cycling together. Turn off the TV and play an active play on the floor, in the garden or in the Park. Set something happy music and dance together. Or sign you to a sport with teams of parents and children.
Use the forest as a playground
A walk in the Woods provide excellent opportunities for walking, running and playing. You can challenge your balance on the fallen tree trunks, jumping in dead leaves and climb trees. On the way children develop their senses and body awareness.

Year round changes the forest itself and allows for new experiences and activities. In spring you can pluck anemones, and in summer you can take a picnic and maybe even spend the night in the Woods on one of the many marked pitches. In autumn you can play in the dead leaves and gather chestnuts, and in winter you can sledge and look at the animal tracks.

In many forests, there are also natural playgrounds. They are good day-trip destinations with many play options and often covered seats, where you can eat packed lunches. Natural playgrounds can also be a good starting point for an active children's birthday party.
Take a trip in the swimming pool
Most kids think it's fun to play and splash in the swimming pool. Find a swimming pool close to and take there the whole family. Older children can be left alone in the children's pool, while MOM and dad swim some courses in the great basin. Most swimming pools also have balls and other things that can be used to play together in the water. Movement in water is gentle on joints and tendons, but at the same time, you use many of the body's muscles. This is especially useful if you are a little overweight, injured or pregnant.
Play, dance and have fun
Children love to play and most kids think it is though, when the adults playing with. Indoor it can be tumble play on the floor, a pillow fight on the bed or wild dancing to fun music. Outside you can play football, play hide and seek, hopscotch or jump. You can also walk or ride your bike to a fun playground nearby. Several municipalities have a website or a map, where you can view all the municipality's playgrounds – so there is a good opportunity to go on a voyage of discovery.
It should be fun
Physically active play develops the body's senses and balance, strengthens muscles and fitness, as well as gives the child a good sense of his own body and its capabilities. Physical activity through play is fun and immersive and makes the child connects the movement with something positive and happy.

Whether in playing inside or out, cycles for a walk or playing sports, it is important that the whole family think it is fun. If movement is a chore, children do not bother. Try different sports, movement games and activities and find what fits your family. In may, for example. agreement that in transitioning to determine an activity for the whole family-on the way coming in about something that everyone think is fun.

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