Monday, 6 May 2013

So much sugar we eat

20 kg of sugar is eaten by every Brit on average per year.
This is a lot of sugar if you think about it.. Try to imagine how much 20 kilo of sugar is if you buy it all in bags at the supermarket all at once? 20kg a year works out at more than 50 grams per day of sugar.
We are not eating tablespoons of sugar... most of our sugar comes from the food we eat.
Most of the sugar we eat comes from candy, ice cream, pastries, juice and soda water. An  8th of the sugar we eat comes from one of the above categories.
Children and young people eat more sugar than adults.  Six out of ten children are eating too much sugar, compared to what is the healthy recommended amount of sugar they should be eating, while in adults this only applies to four out of ten adults.

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