Monday, 6 May 2013

Sugar in the diet

 Today many children and adolescents eat candy every day.
Six out of ten children are eating too much sugar. Most of the sugar comes from soft drinks, candy, cake and chocolate. In fact, it is 80% of the sugar we eat, who come here from.

On average, eats children 58 grams of sugar a day. We reckon it's about to sugar cubes, it becomes 10,000 sugar cubes in one year.

Children eat more candy and chocolate than adults. It gets to 29 grams per day against the adults ' 23 grams per day. 29 grams per day, think you, it sounds not by much.

But try just to multiply it by the number of days in a year, then it becomes to 11.6 kg candy and chocolate. Think of how much 11 liters of milk and a pint of milk weighs so much candy and chocolate eating children through in one year!

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