Monday, 6 May 2013

Sugar in drinks

You need to put together all of your food in a day and work out how much sugar you are eating so the sugar you eat, does not constitute more than 10 percent of the total energy.
While you are in school age, similar to those of 10 percent to 45-60 grams of sugar a day. It is approximately the same as three and a half eating spoons with top.
½ liter of cola = 25 sugar cubes
You can also make it up in sugar lumps. A sugar cube weighs about 2 grams. As long as you are under 15 years of age, you should not eat more than what that corresponds to 25 sugar cubes in a day.
In a half-liter of cola, there are 25 sugar lumps. So, if you drink one bottle of cola per day, you have therefore already reached the limit of how much sugar you may get.
Sugar takes the square for the healthy
Sugar takes the square for the healthy food. The more sugar you get, the less space there is for the healthy food with vital vitamins and minerals. And that's the problem with sugar. As long as you grow, it is extra important to healthy eating, because your body needs nutrients to build among other bones and muscles with. When you eat healthy, you get the feeling of getting more energy, and you can better concentrate for long periods of time.

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