Monday, 6 May 2013

Sugar in many forms

Sugar is not just the white sprinkles, you can snuggle on cornflakes in the morning.
Sugar is available in several forms, both things you can buy in the supermarket, such as:

  • powder sugar
  • cane sugar
  • icing sugar
  • cast sugar

The hidden sugar

Added sugar is sugar not from nature's page is in the food. It is found in soft drinks, candy and cakes. When we Danes are getting too much sugar, it is not because we pour bags of sugar on our food or eat sugar lumps. The sugar we get through breakfast cereals, such as Frosties, Gold grain or fruit yogurt and other foods, where it is added.

Liquid sugar

Sugar is added to beverages, is dissolved, therefore, do you call the liquid sugar. Soda water, lemonade and fruit juices contain liquid sugar. Most lemonade contains as much sugar as soda, if you mix it, as it says on the packaging.

Juice instead of soda water

Juice is healthier than sugar sweetened soft drinks or lemonade. For although the juice has a natural content of (fruit) which corresponds to it in sugar sodas, so contains juice unlike sodas vitamins and minerals from fruit juice. A glass of juice counts, therefore, included in the financial statements, as one of the six pieces of fruit and vegetables recommended in 6 a day campaign.

What about honey?

Honey is basically pure sugar, also as the bees have extracted from the flowers nectar. Honey contains small amounts of vitamins and minerals, but it is so little that it is irrelevant to health. Honey must therefore also counted with the empty calories.

Sweet vegetables

There is also the sugar in some vegetables and in fruits. Carrots, grapes and apples, for example, tastes sweet and has a natural sugar content. But beyond that they also contain vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber that you need. Why is it healthy to eat vegetables and fruits, although they contain sugar. So healthy, that you prefer to eat many.

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