Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The importance of a Packed Lunch

Approximately 1/3 of our daily diet will be covered in our lunch, while we are at work or in school. That is why a good and hearty packed lunch and snacking important. Regardless of whether one goes to kindergarten, in school or at work.
Do you eat healthy and varied during the workday, it benefits your health and well-being and you will have more energy and better concentration and easier to keep the weight.
The lunch box – requires a little planning
A packed lunch is often greased in the evening after supper the day before, or the morning. And it must usually go fast. With a little planning, it can be easier to get a healthy packed lunches. Most importantly, there is filled up in the fridge with good things for the lunch box.
Many think most at dinner when they stand at the supermarket, and forget to think of the lunch box. Remember, therefore, to write things down to remeber what to buy– vegetables, bread, cold cuts, fish cold cuts and fruit. Think about what is easy to get in the lunch box and as everyone in your family likes.
The wrapping of the lunch box is also important, IE. the food is packaged properly in order to avoid that not all our efforts go to waste.
Leftover from the day before
It is a good idea to think of lunch box, when you make dinner – you can roast a few extra chicken legs or meatballs for lunch box, and make a larger portion of Slaw salad to take with you?
The lunch box for kids
Small children's appetite can fluctuate quite a lot. Some days they eat much, and others almost nothing. It is important that the food each day to suit the good appetite. Who'd better get something back, than there may be too little.
For young children, it is important that a packed lunch is easy to eat. It should look delicious out also after unpacking. There also have to be a little surprise. It can be a piece of pizza from the day before, a little cut or dried fruit and nuts. Or maybe a colorful napkin.
For smaller school children it might nip in attaining to eat food in the recess, if it is not long enough. It is therefore a good idea to have a packed lunch that can be shared and eaten over several times.
Teens may tend to skip lunch over, and they may not always seem that MOM or dad's lunch box is so exciting. However, even if they make it, and have influence on what there will be bought into, so that they are more likely to eat it.
The lunch box for adults
Most adults have half an hour to eat and access to both knife and fork. This means that there is a good time for the food and to be able to bring dinner leftovers, salads and the like which are not suitable as finger food.
Dietary surveys show that men and women eat too little fruit and vegetables and just dinner leftovers such as vegetable dishes and salads are an easy way to eat more vegetables on, in relation to a slice of cucumber on the food.

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