Monday, 6 May 2013

Three cooking tricks that works

If you use these three tricks when you cook, you can avoid getting sick from the food.

  1. Warm up
  2. Cool off
  3. Spread the bacteria and not viruses

Warm up

Hot food should be warmed through properly (at least 75 ° c). High heat under frying and boiling kills bacteria such as salmonella and campylobacter.
You should carry heat minced meat, meat in cubes and strips, fish, poultry and egg dishes.
When you genopvarmer food, it is not enough to warm it. The food should be heated thoroughly over high heat.
If you keep the food warm for a longer period of time, it should be extremely hot all the time. Come the temperature below 65 ° c, the bacteria grow, and you run the risk of becoming ill.

Cool off

Meat, cold cuts, dairy products, cheese and dinner leftovers should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 5 ° c.
When cooling food quickly down and keep the cold, stops most bacteria to grow.
Hot food, as you save, only just fumes of, before you put it in the fridge. If the food is long promotion on the table at room temperature, it becomes a pure bacterial bomb. The bacteria thrive for between 20 ° c and 40 ° c. In the course of three hours one bacterium can be up to 1000 and after six hours to a million!
The temperature in the refrigerator can vary from top to bottom. There is often coldest on the Middle shelves in the refrigerator. Check regularly the temperature with a thermometer.

Spread the bacteria and not viruses

Keep raw foods separate from food that is finished and ready to eat. Also remember to wash hands-both before you cook, and when you switch between, for example, raw meat and cooked food.
Bacteria on the hands or on kitchen utensils will be easily spread between different foods.
It is especially important that you keep raw meat separate from food that should not be heated. Change the cutting board and knife just after it has been used for raw meat. If there are bacteria from the raw meat onto salad or bread, it may be enough for you to be sick with stomach pains and diarrhea.
It is a good idea to have one cutting board, as we only ever use for vegetables and fruit – and another cutting board, as we always use only for raw meat.

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