Monday, 6 May 2013

Useful micro-organisms

Useful microbes are harmless and great for any diet. In fact, some microorganisms are so useful that you purposely added them for the food.
For example, there are useful bacteria in:
fermented milk products
some hams and sausages

In fermented milk products such as yogurt, A38 and junket has dairy lactic acid-bacteria in milk is added. They convert milk sugar to acid, so for example yogurt becomes thick and gets a slightly tart flavor.
It also uses lactic acid, when to make cheese. In some cheeses, brie, among other things, add also molds, which grow on the cheese surface, so that it gets a fine, soft, white crust. When producing bread, is it yeast fungi that causes dough to withdraw so that the bread becomes airy.

Also yeasts are used to produce wine and beer.

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