Monday, 6 May 2013

What are bacteria?

Bacteria are very small living organisms to be found anywhere.
In the air, sea, ground and on animals and humans. Bacteria are so small that there may be several thousand of them on a dot that is as big as a sentence. Therefore, we can only see the bacteria under a microscope.
In the wild can bacteria e.g., break down the leaves that have fallen from the trees, so they turn into soil. Bacteria can also break down dead plants and animals.
There may be bacteria in food. Some of them can be good bacteria, while other bacteria can destroy the food. There can be three groups of bacteria in food:
Useful bacteria e.g. in yogurt
Corrupting bacteria e.g. in cold cuts
Disease bacteria e.g. in raw meat
Bacteria are what we call micro-organisms. There may also be other microorganisms in food, yeasts and molds.

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